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Monday, July 18, 2011

Why Settle?

After a long but really gratifying conversation I was asked this simple but honest question... you are such an amazing person why are you not married? Then before I could answer I received a response.

" I know why, you refuse to settle" My jaw dropped! I could not believe this person figured me out in a matter of moments.

After careful thought and consideration I came to accept that I clearly do not plan on settling even if I care or love my significant. In addition, I also cannot come to terms with spending my life with this person. Yes at point of time in my life I was in love and the world revolved around our relationship but today I cannot even fathom the idea of it. Yes I want a family but I realize he is not it. Thus I have began a new chapter of my life. Free spirited and emotionally detached I have found the door to opportunity clearly open to new adventures.

Settle I shall not because I cannot settle for anything that I am not confident about. The uneasiness of knowing that the man I am with cannot find himself has left me to accept our fate. There is a beauty in self sufficiency and independence that fuels my fire. I do not see this as my last stop... but the beginning.

Settling is not an acceptable solution to the desire for marital bliss.

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