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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When is enough really enough?

Arguing is a pandemic in relationships and extinguishing the issues only keeps the actual issue at hand dormant until there is another discrepancy.

Most marriages today end in divorce and those relationships with children leave the children caught in the cross-fire. I can blame either party however, the issue today is do we get married to fit in to the social norms of society or to fill a childhood fantasy? Today most marriage do not last more then three years in fact some do not even make it past the one year mark. I have heard stories from close friends, family and random acquaintances that they wanted to get married and have a child because their clock was ticking. Yes we all want a nuclear family but why marry just any Tom, Dick or Harry to make a child. Many independent women seek motherhood from their local sperm bank. Homosexual couples do the same sometimes. Why get married just to say you were married? Isn't divorce a red flag? I personally have met quite of few men who were married more then once and state that they would really like to get it right the third or fourth time around and two or three kids later. Why ruin a good thing? If a relationship works why do you need a marriage certificate to prove its real? Why marry someone you know you are just settling for because you want to be married or have a wedding you cannot even afford. Why not wait?

Most relationships go through a hump after three years.. you do not even know your partner in three years? Most people show their true colors after saying "I Do" or after having a child. Children can take a toll on a relationship that is not balanced from conception.

Relationships are best eaten when ripe... no one ever enjoyed a hard peach or bitter plum. Haste is waste.... it is important to either nurture what you have especially if it is a good thing or part ways to avoid a messy break up. Compromise is part of a relationship but one must never put on a mask and make believe they are someone they are not just to wear a wedding ring.

In reality all waste floats to the surface.... discard your trash wisely!

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