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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why do people feel that reverse psychology is best used when abused? I dont know how g-d determines his distribution of punishment but I would love to send a referral !!

Personally I think that reverse psychology is used and abused way too often...

I was on a call today where I thought I would play off the problem by giving this person a dose of his own medicine boy was that an issue. Some how he took out a extra large dose of reverse psychology and tried throwing it at me. All the nice in the world did not assist me is avoiding what became the inevitable!

Somehow my lack of sensitivity to a issue gave birth to an argument that was really based on topics I should have been upset about. When does not answering the phone and giving reciprocating the inconsiderate behavior become my fault. There is a saying "fight fire with fire" in that battle someone is bound to get burned or " Don't dish out what you can't take", the list goes on! Today I decided to give the fire back some fire... but the little flame wanted to "set fire to my rain".

With all fires there is bound to be some type of damage... burned I am not.. however, I did find that lies are short lived and someone who lies usually becomes argumentative when they have something to loose. Mental abuse, no I will not let you win this battle for you are just what your name is "Mental Abuse". A liberated and strong woman is shunned on for being independent while expressing her earned verbal autonomy under the 1st Amendment.

I will not sensor my opinion or forfeit to those who wish me submissive. It is important to recognize who you are, be strong for what you believe in and never submit. I am who I am and yes I may be stubborn, opinionated and passionate about my beliefs but that makes me the unique person I am "me".

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